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Planning Analytics Intelligence

Utilizing our cutting-edge AI/ML demand platform, we produce a dynamic demand signal that is the heart of our merchandise financial planning analytics service offering.

A reliable demand signal is critical to the pre-season processes of merchandise financial planning and equally important for effectively managing the in-season open-to-buy process.

One of Parker Avery's innovative “results as a service” offerings, our dynamic demand signal adapts quickly to changing trends and promotional activity.

Our approach allows our clients to maximize time to value while minimizing implementation costs in as few as 6 weeks.

Additionally, our team’s extensive retail industry expertise enables us to holistically integrate these analytic insights into your enterprise’s end-to-end merchandising process.

Parker Avery’s Planning Analytics Intelligence provides an accurate and stable demand forecast, incorporated in a series of actionable reports that are designed to work together to improve planner effectiveness both pre-season and in-season.

Pre-Season Demand Forecast

Our offering leverages your historical data and our proprietary demand analytics platform to create an analytics-driven demand signal that provides insight into pre-season planning, influencing the strategic and financial planning processes to support the total company demand.

In-Season Demand Forecast Provides Open-to-Buy Insights

We provide performance metrics designed by planning experts who spent their careers in retail, resulting in a workflow that provides insight into future demand. This gives planners the ability to identify risks and opportunities by category and react quickly to changes in-season.

Sophisticated Demand Platform

The underlying forecasts and elasticities are produced using a next generation dynamic aggregation algorithm and cutting-edge demand driver elasticity modeling.

Why choose Parker Avery's Planning Analytics Intelligence?

Demonstrated improvements using demand forecasting analytics include improved forecast accuracy (of 10% or more), leading to better inventory productivity and more effective planners.

Parker Avery's Planning Intelligence Improvements

What do you get?

We package our Planning Intelligence services to best suit your needs, with outputs and results in as few as 6 weeks from initial data load. These services can include:

  • Planning report showing the pre-season demand forecast by month for the year
  • In-season OTB report comparing demand forecast to actuals, last year, and the last captured forecast
  • Variance reporting to track the forecast accuracy
  • Adoption reporting to track use of the demand forecast in the business process
  • Process design to standardize forecast usage
  • Training and rollout support to ensure effective execution
  • Integration of forecast into existing planning and reporting tools
  • Change and sustainment workshops
  • Communication plan and execution

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