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Fulfillment Analytics Intelligence

Yesterday’s fulfillment assumptions will not meet today’s challenges.

  • Inventory is nowhere near planned levels
  • Modified approaches to in-store customer service are creating highly non-comp scenarios
  • There is no clear direction about how to get to "the new “normal”
  • Supply chains are unable to respond to both backlogs and demand surges, concurrently
Fulfillment Analytics Intelligence

Demand forecasting based simply on historical modeling, coupled with rigid assumption-based replenishment techniques will only exacerbate your problems

Parker Avery's Approach

Parker Avery’s Tailored Intelligence for fulfillment provides you with modern and highly adaptable tools to help you:

In near real time to customer preferences across selling channels

And be willing to follow unprecedented trends

Future inventory needs leveraging historical trends, evolving market anomalies, and interdisciplinary processes

The actions that need to be taken in the short and long term

Parker Avery’s Fulfillment Analytics Intelligence solution reaches far deeper than a system.  Our holisitc solution incorporates business process changes, role adjustments, change management, and report designs tailored to your unique requirements to quickly and cost-effectively provide meaningful value.

Why choose Parker Avery's Fulfillment Analytics Intelligence?

Demonstrated improvements using demand forecasting analytics include improved forecast accuracy (of 10% or more), leading to better inventory productivity and enhanced ROI.

What do you get?

We package our Fulfillment Analytics Intelligence services to best suit your needs, with outputs and results in as few as 6 weeks from initial data load. These deliverables can include:

  • Best-in-class forecasts
  • Fulfillment parameter direction
  • Validation of items on replenishment
  • End to end process tuning
  • Coaching to help your team make more inventory informed decisions

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