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Sam Iosevich

Sam is a serial entrepreneur and a life-long runner who enjoys reading, traveling, hiking and strategic board games. He also enjoys building unique analytical applications that drive tremendous business value.

Sam has been architecting and developing business analytics platforms for over 20 years. He has implemented his solutions at some of the largest retail and CPG companies in the world, pioneering new approaches in demand forecasting (dynamic aggregation), assortment optimization and test & learn. Sam has successfully built consulting practices within multiple organizations (SAS, Prognos (founder) and Antuit). With over 15 years of P&L responsibility, Sam has led large multi-functional teams that brought hundreds of millions of dollars of documented value. Sam always has an eye on financially measurable results as he partners with his clients on their mutual journey. He holds Master’s Degrees in Nuclear Engineering & Engineering Physics and Medical Physics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Sam is married with two children and resides in Evanston, Illinois.

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