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Randy Folkman

As an avid golfer at a young age and with over 25 years of retail experience, Randy has a keen ability to navigate complex strategies, while understanding how to leverage fundamentals both on and off the course.

Randy has extensive experience providing consulting services to a diverse retail client base, delivering leading solutions that provide meaningful value. He is highly successful in developing value-add, custom solutions through deep understanding of client requirements and industry best practices, and he has hands-on experience mapping and improving core business processes, as well as developing, and mentoring client teams. Randy was raised in Los Angeles but has lived in Oregon for the last 20 years, and proclaims he is an “uber” fan of the University of Oregon. He has an extensive coin collection with coins dated back to pre-civil war. When he’s not helping retailers improve through business process design and system implementations, Randy likes to spend time at the lake boating and hiking, as well as supporting multiple charitable organizations to help abused and under privileged children.

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