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Tailored Intelligence Advisory Board
Parker Avery Introduces the Tailored Intelligence Advisory Board

ATLANTA, GEORGIA    June 23, 2020. The Parker Avery Group, a leading retail and consumer goods consulting firm, announces the formation of its Tailored Intelligence Advisory Board. After the highly successful launch of the firm’s Tailored Intelligence analytics platform and services, the Advisory Board will serve to provide direction and feedback regarding the development, deployment, and positioning of the offering. The mission of the Tailored Intelligence Advisory Board is to continue to ensure that solutions seamlessly weave cutting-edge analytics into companies’ business processes and support industry best practices. [Read more]

Tailored Intelligence Press Release
The Parker Avery Group Expands with Infusion of Analytics

ATLANTA, GEORGIA    April 20, 2020. The Parker Avery Group, an Atlanta based retail and consumer products consulting and strategy firm, is pleased to announce the addition of Mathematics PhD George Arutyunyants. George brings to the firm over 15 years of experience in retail analytics consulting, including forecasting, clustering, and price optimization. Prior to joining Parker Avery, George led the research and development team at Prognos and then Antuit Inc. for over 10 years, focusing on development of offerings in demand forecasting, price optimization, and test & learn. He also architected and built a sophisticated forecasting solution that was implemented at many top CPG and retail companies. [Read more]

Parker Avery Sponsoring and Presenting at Mi9 Retail Synergy

ATLANTA, GEORGIA    JULY 24, 2019. The Parker Avery Group, a strategy and management consulting firm, will be sponsoring Mi9 Retail's Synergy customer conference, to be held September 17 to 20 at the Four Seasons Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Synergy conference brings the industry’s best and brightest together to share insights, network, and discover the latest innovations in retail software.
Associate Partner, Amanda Astrologo, will be attending the conference and partnering with Deanna Emsley from Evolve Consulting in leading a discussion focused on 'future-proofing' retail. [Read more]