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Unified Commerce & Store Operations

Essential Disruption Store Level Omnichannel Capabilities for Retail’s New World
Getting to Global Managing Inventory in a Unified Commerce World
Building a Plan for Omnichannel Steps to Delivering Meaningful Capabilities
Future-Proofing Retail Building a Solid Foundation for Tomorrow

Resurrecting Retail—Part 1: Reinventing the Customer Experience
Resurrecting Retail—Part 2: Becoming a Customer-Centric Organization
A Win for Both Sides Benefits of BOPIS for Consumers and Retailers
Store Labor and Role Transformation A New Era for Retail Store Associates
Omnichannel Inventory OptimizationWhere Are My Products?
Omnichannel FulfillmentProduct Scarcity and Prioritization Criteria
Store OperationsConducting a Comprehensive Operational Assessment