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Featured Case Studies

Optimizing Strategic Category Management CapabilitiesDevelopment of a prioritized and actionable roadmap to achieve a more consistent and efficient future state and to support strategic objectives
Omnichannel Retailer Forecasting and Replenishment System ImplementationEnsuring the successful implementation and adoption of a new global retail forecasting and replenishment system through project leadership, business process transformation, and organizational alignment
Merchandising Financial Planning Process Redesign
Merchandising Financial Planning Process Redesign Designing and implementing new processes and a new planning calendar to improve visibility and achieve gross margin and inventory turn objectives
Analytics-Driven Forecasting & Replenishment TransformationDefining the strategy and developing new processes to support the deployment of new forecasting and replenishment solutions, bolstered by advanced analytics capabilities
Holistic Merchandising Organizational Design
Holistic Merchandising Organizational Design Designing and implementing a cohesive, team-based merchandising organization based on leading industry practices and enabling better partnership, scalability, and retention
Product Development Process Redesign
Product Design, Development, and Sourcing Process Redesign Designing standardized processes and key data tracking templates to support company-wide product development efficiencies and realize quick wins
Allocation Process Redesign & Organizational Enhancements
Allocation Process Redesign & Organizational EnhancementsAssessing and redesigning business processes, key roles, and use of existing systems to more strategically allocate inventory, while enhancing decision-making capabilities and supporting growth objectives
Demand Forecasting and Replenishment System Selection
Demand Forecasting and Replenishment System Selection Thorough assessment and selection of a solution set that will demonstrably improve forecasting, planning, and reporting capabilities, while providing better support and efficiencies to customer-facing roles
Merchandise Planning, Allocation, and Size/Pack Optimization Software Selection
Merchandise Planning, Allocation, and Size/Pack Optimization Software Selection Leveraging deep retail industry and solution expertise, while maintaining objectivity to assess and select a solution set that will enable improved and efficient merchandising activities and reduce manual tasks
Regular Price Optimization System Implementation
Regular Price Optimization System Implementation Successful pricing solution implementation driven by industry best practices and strong, structured project leadership, resulting in significant financial benefits and return on investment
Merchandising Capability Assessment and Roadmap
Merchandising Capability Assessment and Roadmap Deep dive evaluation of merchandising and related processes, systems, and organization to develop a multi-year transformation roadmap, commencing with quick wins and change management to bolster results
PLM System Evaluation and Selection
PLM System Evaluation and SelectionComprehensive set of activities to document requirements, evaluate vendors, and select a Product Lifecycle Management solution.
Specialty Retailer MFP System Implementation
Specialty Retailer MFP System Implementation Leveraging deep industry knowledge to implement an MFP solution and deliver leading-practice future state capabilities, while enabling holistic views of inventory, gross margin, and sales
Omni Assortment Planning and Item Planning (APIP) Implementation
Omni Assortment Planning and Item Planning (APIP) Implementation Leading the implementation of an APIP solution to deliver desired future state capabilities, resulting in improved business efficiencies and better overall visibility into the planning processes
Retail Pricing and Promotions Capabilities Roadmap Implementation
Pricing and Promotions Capabilities Roadmap ImplementationDetailed design and implementation of a pricing and promotions roadmap to optimize pricing, improve margins, and achieve significant financial benefits.
Retail Assortment and Item Planning Implementation
Assortment and Item Planning Implementation Design of new, integrated planning processes and configuration of an assortment and item planning system to deliver the desired future state capabilities
Retail Merchandise Planning Capabilities Design and Roadmap
Merchandise Planning Capabilities Design and Roadmap Deep dive evaluation of existing processes, systems, and organization, as well as comprehensive design of new end-to-end planning capabilities and assessment of solutions to support the client’s vision
Redesigned Procurement Process and Organization
Redesigned Procurement Process and Organization Comprehensive redesign of procurement planning processes and organization to enable cross-channel collaboration and the ability to proactively respond to capacity issues.
Implementing Buy Online Pick Up In Store (BOPIS) Capabilities
Implementing Buy Online Pick Up In Store (BOPIS) Capabilities End-to-end project management, retail business process expertise, and testing oversight for the design, pilot and implementation of new in-store order fulfillment capabilities.
Global Organizational Change Management (OCM)
Global Organizational Change Management (OCM) Development and execution of an all-encompassing change management program to support adoption of a new global ERP and finance solution into normal business operations.
Regular Price Optimization and Competitor Price Management System Selection
Regular Price Optimization and Competitor Price Management System Selection In-depth review of existing pricing practices and identification of future state capabilities and requirements to select a solution that will drive more competitive, data-driven pricing decisions.
Retail Merchandising Business Process Transformation
Merchandising Business Process Transformation Assessment of merchandising business process and organizational root causes, as well as development and implementation of an actionable roadmap to support a client’s strategic omnichannel model.
Multi-Banner Process and System Harmonization
Multi-Banner Process and System Harmonization Identification of common future-state processes across different banners and analysis of change impacts, as well as development of an implementation roadmap to deliver the desired process and systemic changes.
Order Management System Selection and Strategy
Order Management System Selection and StrategyAssessment and selection of an order management system to enable future growth, with definition of the supporting business case and implementation strategy.
PLM System Implementation
PLM System Implementation
Multi-phased Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution implementation spanning multiple brands and focused on Change Management and Business Solution Delivery workstreams.
Core Merchandising and Finance Solution Selection
Core Merchandising and Finance Solution SelectionSolution evaluation and selection to support industry leading business processes and enable a consistent real-time, global view of inventory.
Global Merchandise Financial Planning (MFP) Implementation
Global Merchandise Financial Planning (MFP) ImplementationWidespread transformation of planning processes and capabilities to support strategic growth plans, standardize business processes, and improve key retail performance measurements.
Core Merchandising and Finance System Implementation
Core Merchandising and Finance System ImplementationPilot implementation of a major retail enterprise software system to adopt industry leading practices, improve inventory positioning, enhance data management, and provide key competitive advantages.
Retail Store Operations Efficiency
Store Operations Efficiency In-depth assessment of store processes, focusing on merchandising and inventory management, to drive labor efficiencies and improve competitive positioning.
Core Merchandising Assessment and Roadmap
Core Merchandising Assessment and RoadmapEvaluation of existing merchandising processes, tools and organization to develop a comprehensive multi-year transformational roadmap.
Item Master Assessment and Implementation
Item Master Assessment and Implementation Assessment and implementation of an item master system to enhance integration, reporting capabilities and data integrity.
Product Development Pre-Production and WIP Tracking
Pre-Production and WIP Tracking Comprehensive project management, change management, implementation and post-implementation support for a client's new centralized pre-production and production tracking system.
Training Design, Development & Delivery
Training Design, Development & DeliveryDevelopment and delivery of comprehensive, detailed training plans, curriculum and materials to support the client's newly designed merchandising organization and processes.
Retail Core Support Systems Package Selection
Core Support Systems Package Selection Evaluation of Finance and Human Capital Management solutions and implementation planning to support strategic legacy modernization initiatives.
Retail Field and Field Support Organization Design
Field and Field Support Organization DesignDesigning a new field organization with infusion of industry leading practices to enhance the company's ability to provide support for store operations and associates.
Sourcing Application Implementation
Sourcing Application Implementation Selecting and implementing a costing solution to align with organizational workflow and existing product design applications.
Store Operations Improvements and Organizational Alignment
Store Operations Improvements and Organizational Alignment Assessment of existing store operations, warehousing and merchandising activities and creation of new standard operating procedures, as well as aligning the organization to support continued growth.
Merchandise Financial Planning (MFP) System Selection
Merchandise Financial Planning (MFP) System SelectionDesigning the future process and evaluating a merchandising solution to enable strategic planning and enhance visibility into inventory across multiple channels.
PLM Solution Assessment and Selection
PLM Solution Assessment and SelectionHolistic evaluation of Product Lifecycle Management solutions and deployment planning to support a highly unique product development environment and culture.
Integrated Supply Chain Implementation
Integrated Supply Chain Implementation
Definition of supply chain strategy and processes during the implementation of an integrated supply chain system to support international expansion, consolidate buying power and enable efficiencies.
Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) System Selection
Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) System SelectionSelection of a PLM solution to solve critical issues in Product Development and Sourcing processes, enable collaboration, improve data integrity and reduce costs.
Pricing and Promotions Capabilities Roadmap Development
Pricing and Promotions Capabilities Roadmap DevelopmentCurrent state assessment and benchmarking against industry leading practices to identify and prioritize pricing and promotions opportunities relative to people, process, and technology.
Distribution Center Integration Design, Requirements & Roadmap
Distribution Center Integration Design, Requirements & RoadmapProject management, business requirements assessment and integration planning activities to support development of a consolidated multi-banner distribution center model.
International Retail Transformation and Expansion
International Retail Transformation and ExpansionProgram management and industry expertise to support an international retail planning, forecasting and replenishment transformation and expansion, encompassing multiple merchandising systems, processes and teams.
Retail Operational Strategy Business Plan
Operational Strategy Business PlanAssessment of requirements for a luxury fashion retailer's new operational business model focused on eCommerce and private distribution channels.
PLM Solution Selection and Implementation
PLM Solution Selection and ImplementationSelection, implementation and change management of a product lifecycle management solution to enhance visibility into product development activities and proactively mitigate production issues.
Retail Merchandising System Implementation
Merchandising System ImplementationProgram management and project support for a merchandising system transformation, encompassing merchandise planning, replenishment and markdown systems.
Retail Pricing Capabilities Assessment and Roadmap
Pricing Capabilities Assessment and RoadmapIn-depth evaluation of current pricing practices and systems and definition of future capabilities, including prioritization and planning of strategic, price management-focused initiatives.
Retail Legacy System Replacement Assessment
Legacy System Replacement AssessmentComprehensive assessment of a strategic ERP replacement initiative to ensure alignment with operational objectives and strategies.
Quality Assurance and Risk Audit
Quality Assurance and Risk AuditDeep dive assessment of a strategic core merchandising system implementation to ensure a successful project outcome.
Price Optimization Solution Implementation
Price Optimization Solution ImplementationComprehensive support for the implementation of a new price optimization solution to support strategic zone pricing capabilities.
Retail Inventory Efficiency Roadmap
Retail Inventory Efficiency RoadmapIn-depth assessment of retail store and corporate processes and development of a multi-year roadmap to support operating efficiencies and growth objectives.
Capability Identification and Technology Roadmap
Capability Identification and Technology RoadmapIdentification of best-practice process and solution improvements and development of a phased deployment roadmap to support enhanced product design and development capabilities.
Store Operations Efficiency Assessment
Store Operations Efficiency AssessmentIn-depth assessment of store processes, focusing on merchandising and inventory management, to drive labor efficiencies and improve competitive positioning.
Store Number Expansion
Store Number ExpansionFacilitating the system development and enhancements necessary for migration to a new store numbering schematic to support future retail site growth.
Merchandising Training Program
Merchandising Training ProgramDesigning and delivering a comprehensive merchandising training program to enhance merchandising team capabilities and support strategic initiatives.
Order Management System Design
Order Management System DesignRefining an OMS design and implementation strategy to enable simplification and efficiencies while supporting strategic business objectives.
Business Plan Development
Business Plan DevelopmentAssessment of strategic factors and creation of a comprehensive business plan to illustrate the validity of a retail business model.
Comparable Retail Store Sales Improvement Initiative
Comparable Store Sales Improvement InitiativeAssessment and identification of store level improvement opportunities to drive growth and consistency in comparable store sales performance.
Integrated Planning Strategy and Package Selection
Integrated Planning Strategy and Package SelectionSelection of a solution and recommendations for a new integrated planning model and organizational plan to support aggressive international growth plans.
Promotional Capabilities Assessment
Promotional Capabilities AssessmentAssessing a client's existing promotional capabilities and organization, and developing a prioritized roadmap to improve promotional planning and execution.
Change Management Program
Change Management ProgramDevelopment of a comprehensive Change Management program to ensure successful end-user adoption of a PLM solution implementation.
Price Optimization System Selection
Price Optimization System SelectionDefining future regular and markdown pricing processes and guiding the selection of price optimization software in a multi-channel environment, with the objectives of improving margin, increasing efficiencies and improving customer satisfaction.
Fulfillment Optimization
Fulfillment OptimizationImproving product fulfillment capabilities by assessing system alignment and identifying improvement opportunities to drive margin, reduce inventory costs and improve retail service levels.
Change Management Stakeholder Analysis
Change Management Stakeholder AnalysisAssessing an organization's readiness for change and uncovering anticipated organizational challenges to ensure the delivery of desired business benefits of an Order Management system implementation.
Organizational Design Training Delivery
Organizational Design Training DeliveryDevelopment of comprehensive, detailed training plans, curriculum and materials to support a major redesign of the client's merchandising, planning and inventory organization.
Store Operations Process Assessment
Store Operations Process AssessmentAssessment of in-store labor activities focused on inventory management, merchandising and customer service to simplify and streamline processes while optimizing the labor budget.
MFP System Training Development
Training DevelopmentDevelopment of comprehensive, detailed training plans, curriculum and materials to support implementation of new merchandise financial planning processes and system.
User Acceptance Testing
User Acceptance TestingLeading User acceptance testing (UAT) to ensure a successful business intelligence solution implementation.
Assortment Planning Process
Assortment PlanningDefining the assortment planning process best suited to future organizational structure.
Organizational Model Transformation
Organizational Model TransformationRedefining merchandising processes, roles, responsibilities & reporting structures to support domestic and international channels and banners.
Retail Software Strategy and Selection
Software Strategy and SelectionSelection of a multi-channel merchandise planning and allocation solution to drive sales and gross profit growth.
Retail Systems Implementation Roadmap
Systems Implementation RoadmapConducting a detailed gap analysis of current systems to identify short- and long-term opportunities for improvement.
Store Inventory Management Assessment
Store Inventory Management AssessmentIdentifying areas of maximum opportunity related to the handling and merchandising of products in physical stores.
Supply Chain Systems Assessment
Supply Chain Systems AssessmentDefining future supply chain systems and application architecture needed to support current and emerging business strategies.
Markdown Strategy
Markdown StrategyImproving margin by establishing better markdown management through rule-based framework, training and reporting.
Merchandise Planning Implementation
Merchandise Planning ImplementationDeployment of a Merchandise Financial Planning (MFP) solution utilizing an agile methodology, including software configuration, integration and testing.
Sourcing Strategy
Sourcing StrategySourcing strategy to improve quality, design and execution of new products to market, including the roll-out of integrated customer insight tool.
PLM System Design and Implementation
PLM System Design and ImplementationEnhancing global supply chain responsiveness and performance processes that support future business model and roll-out of new software solution.
Omnichannel MFP System Implementation
Omnichannel Merchandise Financial Planning System ImplementationComprehensive MFP solution implementation to optimize retail sales planning and inventory cost planning and enable a holistic, global view of the company.
Strategy, Process Design, Roadmap and Technology Selection
Strategy, Process Design, Roadmap and Technology SelectionEvaluation and selection of technology solutions to enable the retailer to enhance antiquated processes and systems to support a complex business model.
Supply Chain Strategy
Supply Chain StrategyStreamlining product development business processes and aligning the organizational responsibilities of a private label.
Integrated Merchandise Planning
Integrated Merchandise PlanningA roadmap and plan for the build out of an integrated planning organization, improved business process and integrated planning solutions.
Commodities Strategy and Management
Commodities Strategy and ManagementDevelopment of commodities management capabilities in a large general merchandise retailer in order to drive down product costs.
Merchandising Transformation
Merchandising TransformationWholesale reorganization and re-training of a retail merchandising and planning organization based on cutting edge merchandising practices.
Inventory Service Levels and Exceptions
Inventory Service Levels and ExceptionsDetailed evaluation of inventory management processes and systems that dramatically improved the retailer's inventory position.
Optimizing the Private Label Process
Optimizing the Private Label ProcessDevelopment of a retail private label management organization from the ground up including brand management, product development and strategy.
Multi-Channel Planning Strategy and Process
Multi-Channel Planning Strategy and ProcessArticulation of a global, multi-channel planning strategy including innovative processes and a four-year roadmap for implementation.