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Parker Avery Optimizes US Foods’ Demand Forecasting Capabilities

US Foods, a $25B foodservice distributor serving approximately 300,000 restaurants and foodservice operators, recently completed the initial phase of the company’s journey into advanced demand analytics.

Early in 2020, the company embarked on a project to develop an open source demand forecasting system that would help them drastically improve their forecast accuracy. However, despite an existing tenured and skilled team of analysts and data scientists, they quickly realized such a major initiative required deeper analytics proficiency than the company possessed internally.

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Parker Avery Launches Revolutionary Demand Forecasting Platform

Parker Avery has revolutionized traditional demand analytics with the company’s proprietary demand forecasting platform. As the heart of Parker Avery’s Tailored Intelligence analytics offerings, the platform can be deployed in a “results as a service” manner, leveraging the firm's considerable analytics and business process competencies.

Chief Analytics Officer, Sam Iosevich and his team of data scientists have successfully deployed the analytics service in several major consumer brands with overwhelmingly positive results—and in considerably shorter timeframes than typical analytics solution implementations.

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It's a Volitile World

Now more than ever, retailers and consumer brands are finding themselves:

  • Struggling to forecast company sales and inventory based on recent events
  • Trying to keep up with forecasts in other channels due to brick-and-mortar closures
  • Trying to control inventory with price, while maintaining profitability and margin

Parker Avery Has a Solution

Parker Avery’s proprietary Tailored Intelligence demand analytics platform and array of services is the result of utilizing our extensive retail expertise to combine our clients’ data and objectives with our proprietary cutting edge demand analytics. The result is meaningful business insights that assist our clients in making informed decisions. Our demand analytics team has spent decades working in the retail sector creating and implementing AI/ML demand analytic solutions that drive revenue and profit growth for some of the biggest retail organizations globally.

We offer three distinct Tailored Intelligence demand analytics competencies:

What Makes Us Different

Our Tailored Intelligence is not a typical retail demand analytics system and does not entail a lengthy implementation. Rather, our innovative analytics solution applies seamlessly to today’s changing retail environment, addressing the demands of urgency and flexibility, while combining strong process and role leadership.

Improved Sales and Margin
Data-Driven Decisions
Trend Adaptive Forecast
Improved Demand Visibility

Parker Avery's proprietary Tailored Intelligence platform:

  • Quickly provides a significantly improved demand signal to use as a single starting point for estimating demand across all functions in the enterprise
  • Utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) and deep retail expertise to produce a meaningful signal that adapts to the changes in the market
  • Minimizes the requirement of IT resources by employing a RAAS (results as a service) model with consumable results in as few as six weeks
  • Combines Parker Avery’s depth of experience in change management to ensure your teams fully understand the process and implications

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