Training Strategy & Training

Training Strategy & Training Services

We offer years of experience and domain expertise in developing training strategies and delivering training. The scope of our services includes,

> Training Strategy and Plan > Training Delivery
> Customized Course Development > Implementation Training
> Train the Trainer > Business Process Training
> Retail Education > Role-based Training

Our objective is to help individuals improve their personal knowledge and skills to make them and your
business more successful. Contact us to learn more about our experience and approach to Training.


    Our Training Strategy and Training Services include:

    Training Strategy.

    We help you determine the right approach to training. This includes defining methodology, activities, schedule, resources, tools and success criteria. This strategy serves as the foundation for the training plan and curriculum. It should also align with your overall change management program.

    Customized Course Development.

    We provide services to help you build upon our foundation of retail role and educational courses. We have successfully trained professionals in some of the world's leading retailers to perform basic retailing functions to integrated, complex tasks. Ask us how we can tailor our courses to your specific needs.

    Training Delivery.

    Our deep training and change management experience, combined with our proven tools and templates, help structure training and role definition so they are effectively managed throughout the transition, and the company can more easily migrate to new ways of doing business.

    Implementation Training.

    We provide services that help you train users on new software capabilities and process changes. We apply proven training methodology and approaches to make the training program more successful and effective.

    Business Process Training.

    Our business process training presents a "big picture" view of the future, overall expectations and benefits, and organizational structures. We deliver end-to-end process training that allows individuals to understand their individual contribution to the business. We provide situational training to encourage user adoption and sustainability.

    Role-based Training.

    Our role-based training takes into account unique factors specific to individual roles and the overall organization. This type of training provides the responsibilities of the role and what it takes to perform, and ultimately be successful in the role. Role-based training ensures that employees learn the skills relevant to their job, while also promoting collaboration within the larger organization.

    Train the Trainer.

    We help you identify and prepare your training resources so they are able to understand and deliver the training program. We have enabled our clients to effectively communicate key messages related to course materials, utilize proper and interactive training techniques and feel comfortable managing a classroom setting.

    Retail Education.

    The Parker Avery Institute is the education and training unit of The Parker Avery Group. We offer a retail-specific e-Learning environment for entry-level to seasoned retail professionals. Our objective is to help individuals improve their personal knowledge and skills to make them more successful. Click here for more information on our programs.


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