Supply Chain Visibility

 Supply Chain Visibility

The professionals at The Parker Avery Group help retail and wholesale companies increase supply supply chain visibility and gain insight into the total cost to serve of their markets. This includes,

> Order Visibility > Shipment Visibility
> Collaboration > Supplier Profitability Analysis

Providing visibility at any point in time to product, orders, shipments and demand is a critical part of this model. Our experience enables us to provide counsel on improving visibility and managing risk across the supply chain to drive revenue, margin and operating efficiencies.

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    The professionals at The Parker Avery Group help retail companies identify opportunities and deploy supply chain visibility improvements. Our Supply Chain Visibility services include:


    The more you know, the better decisions you make. Understanding order status, product location, estimated date of arrival, opportunities to reroute and vendor compliance challenges real-time can make a material difference in the efficiency and contributions of a supply chain. We help companies identify opportunities to improve visibility and gain competitive advantages in the marketplace.


    Every company collaborates with its suppliers and business partners. This includes introducing new product concepts, planning assortments, managing orders, shipments and estimating demand. We specialize in helping companies improve their collaboration processes and deploy collaborative solutions that make business partnerships more productive.

    Supplier Analysis.

    Profitable relationships are at the heart of good business. Understanding profitable versus unprofitable activities and behavior is important to developing relationships. This includes evaluating how your suppliers comply with your needs and satisfy your objectives. Our experience can help you assess the profitability of your suppliers and develop programs to improve performance.


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