Store Operations

Store Operations

We help retailers align and optimize their physical store environments to overall strategic business model objectives, taking into consideration processes, physical layouts, supporting tools / technologies and the roles and responsibilities of the store staff. Our expertise includes:

> Store Inventory Diagnostic > Operational Process Design
> Labor Optimization & Alignment > Training & Development
> Space Optimization  

We have worked with some of the world's leading retailers to improve their processes, design the organization and roles, implement change and deploy supporting retail store solutions. Contact us to learn more about our Store Operations services and approach.


    We help retailers refine and develop the processes and structures that improve bottom line performance by meeting the unique demands of their stores. Our deep domain expertise and proven methodologies help retailers streamline business processes, optimize investments in inventory, create more efficient store organizations and reduce overall product, labor and operational costs. Our Store Operations Services include:

    Store Inventory Diagnostic.

    Comprehensively assessing the store inventory management processes and technologies and developing a strategic roadmap to improve inventory accuracy and visibility, reduce shrink, enhance on-shelf availability and promote store labor efficiency
    This diagnostic leverages Parker Avery's deep store operations experience to establish a thorough understanding of your company's goals and current store performance levels, including key metrics, operating processes, technology, organizational structure and store facilities. We also assess the upstream supply chain environment to ensure your entire inventory management process is considered and addressed. We compare your current state to relevant industry leading practices, allowing us to quickly identify the key initiatives that must be launched to achieve your desired future state objectives.

    The results from this effort include a financial model and prioritized roadmap to provide a clear picture of how, when and at what cost your future state objectives can be achieved. We understand the issues and challenges associated with store-level inventory management in omnichannel models, and we provide thought leadership, best practices and guidance to ensure the identified opportunities and roadmap align with your business goals and enable the achievement of sustainable operational improvements. With the results of the Diagnostic in hand, clients will ultimately be able to refine their goals into an actionable plan that can deliver meaningful business process and systemic improvements.

    Operational Process Design.

    Identifying improvement opportunities and holistically redesigning Store Operations processes to support omnichannel models, enable efficiencies and optimize functionality of supporting systems and tools
    Parker Avery brings leading practices, systems knowledge and industry insights to ensure a company's future business process design is world-class and aligned with business objectives. We perform a thorough assessment of the existing store-level processes and environment to identify and prioritize specific improvement areas, including customer service / front end / POS, recovery, inventory management, in-store merchandising, labor management, store management and vendor / 3rd party management. This assessment involves a deep dive into each of the targeted areas, considering current process execution, your existing standard operating procedures (SOPs) and appropriate industry best practices.

    We work with your key stakeholders to design new processes that incorporate the identified improvements to ensure they most optimally support your desired business model and operational objectives. Our business process improvement work also provides a foundation for software selection, solution design, testing, change management and training activities.

    Labor Optimization & Alignment.

    Identifying improvement opportunities and holistically redesigning Store Operations processes to support omnichannel models, enable efficiencies and optimize functionality of supporting systems and tools
    Our Labor Optimization & Alignment service entails a thorough evaluation of your existing store roles and responsibilities, productivity measurements, labor scheduling, staff training, incentives and succession planning. These elements are assessed against leading practices, your desired operating environment and your defined customer service expectations to identify and prioritize opportunities to enhance your store staff productivity, enhance overall staff satisfaction and ensure a consistent customer experience that aligns with your in-store value proposition and business model. We work with key stakeholders to design a comprehensive organizational model that supports an efficient and productive store staff, optimizes labor spend and enhances overall customer and employee satisfaction.

    Space Optimization.

    The comprehensive design of the physical retail store to support omnichannel business models, modern merchandising needs and best-in-class customer service and store operational processes
    The most valuable real estate in any retailer exists in the stores. In traditional retail environments, that space was at the beck and call of the merchant — deployed via careful assortment planning and planogram creation. While impactful merchandising remains a core competency required by any successful retailer, the role of the store has become more complex thanks to omnichannel demands. In today's "all things to all consumers" world, the store's space must be optimized like never before. With smart Merchandising as the foundation, Parker Avery's Space Optimization service takes into account every permutation of space requirements in the modern retail store — from stock holding areas to support buy on line / pick up in store or layaway services to using the store as a distribution center for digital order fulfillment. We leverage our vast experience across all functional disciplines within the retail supply chain to help you design and implement the optimal store environment with the ultimate objectives of driving exceptional customer service, efficient operations and profitable sales.

    Training & Development.

    The development, delivery and management of high quality store-level training to provide a world-class and consistent customer experience, while enriching employee industry knowledge and satisfaction
    We can teach your team leading practices in store operations and sales floor engagement that ensure a superior and consistent shopping experience for your customers. This includes developing training material to support your field team as well as the management systems to track and understand your customers' engagement in the store. Read more about our Training & Development Services.

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