We provide consulting services and expertise in replenishment modeling, processes, organization structure, software evaluation and implementations. We have expertise in the following domains:

> Demand Planning > DC-to-Store Replenishment
> Vendor-to-DC Replenishment > Advanced Inventory Optimization
> SKU Profiling > Planned Demand Replenishment

We have worked with many of the world's leading retailers to improve their replenishment processes, design the organization and roles, address strategic inventory management challenges, implement change and deploy solutions. Contact us to learn more about our approach and services.


    The professionals at The Parker Avery Group help retail companies identify opportunities and deploy advances in their replenishment and inventory management practices. Our objective is to drive turn and service levels while reducing inventory and carrying costs.

    Our Replenishment Services include:

    Demand Planning and Replenishment Optimization.

    We provide services to cleanse demand, establish profiles and develop good baseline forecasts as the first step to improving replenishment and inventory management practices. We also benchmark your current replenishment configuration and identify opportunities to improve settings to drive immediate results.

    Inventory Management Organization Definition and Processes.

    We help you establish a world-class organizational foundation that enables the efficient management of replenishment processes. Our expertise includes providing individual role definition and customized training services to ensure each member of your organization understands his or her role and how it integrates to the overall structure.

    Software Evaluation and Selection.

    We help you prioritize the important replenishment functional needs of your business and evaluate competitive solutions in the marketplace to meet your needs. Based on years of experience designing, building and implementing demand planning and replenishment solutions, we make the process more efficient and better informed. Visit our Packaged Software Selection services page to learn more.

    Software Implementation.

    We provide project management, business process consulting, application consulting and change management services to implement replenishment software solutions. We have experience and skills in all of the major replenishment software providers in the marketplace. Visit our Packaged Software Implementation services page to learn more.

    Replenishment and Allocation Tune-Up.

    We provide services to identify, prioritize and resolve inventory management challenges. Typical results include higher margins, increased operating efficiency, reduced inventory and improved forecast accuracy. Read more about our Replenishment and Allocation Tune-Up Services.



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    Josh Pollack
    Merchandising Practice
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