Promotions & Markdown Optimization

 Promotions & Markdown Optimization

We help retailers develop the capabilities to actively and effectively manage their promotions and markdowns to drive bottom line performance. Our areas of expertise include:

> Lifecycle Management > Analytics & Modeling
> Pricing Strategy > Solution Selection
> Inventory Management > Solution Implementation

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    We help you develop the process and systems to plan and execute promotions and markdowns in order to maximize margin. This includes helping to ensure that you are promoting or marking down the right items, at the right locations, at the right times. This is done through timely and accurate analysis using software and systems that meet the unique needs of your business. With these in place, you will be able to accurately forecast the effect of your promotion and markdown decisions.

    Our Promotions & Markdown Optimization Services include:

    Lifecycle Management.

    We can help your organization learn how to evaluate and plan for the lifecycle of a product over time. This includes developing processes for evaluating product lifecycles to determine optimal markdown timing during the life of a product.

    Pricing Strategy.

    We can help your buyers develop the capabilities to set and manage pricing strategies as part of their merchandising process, whether this includes teaching them about setting price breaks, developing simple good, better, best pricing strategies or developing sophisticated revenue optimization models. Visit our Price Management services page to learn more.

    Inventory Management.

    We specialize in helping you develop and achieve goals for effectively managing your inventory across channels, ensuring that inventory targets are met while achieving financial and budget targets. This includes developing inventory planning capabilities to ensure appropriate pre-season planning as well as in-season open-to-buy management.

    Analytics & Modeling.

    We are able to help your organization develop the practices and systems for the most important aspect of effective markdown and promotion optimization – advanced analytics and planning models. Our team can provide both education on analytical processes as well as recommended changes to your existing analytics to fine-tune your system for better result.

    Solution Selection and Implementation.

    We can help you evaluate and select the right tools and software to support promotion and markdown optimization. In addition, we help design (or redesign) the business processes that enable more effective promotion and markdown decision-making. Visit our Packaged Software Selection & Implementation services page to learn more.


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