Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

We support initiatives and strategies for the entire product lifecycle process, from initial product conception, design, sampling to manufacturing. We help reduce product development timeframes and align them with merchandising calendars, enable collaboration with key trading partners, and focus event management on key pre-production and production milestones. Our PLM offerings include:

> Diagnostic > Solution Implementation
> Business Process Improvement > Change Management
> Strategy & Software Selection  

We have worked with some of the world’s leading retailers to improve their processes, design the organization and roles, implement change and deploy Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions. Contact us to learn more about our Product Lifecycle Management services and approach.


    Parker Avery provides a comprehensive set of services designed to provide end-to-end support. Our Product Lifecycle Management Services include:


    Identification of opportunities and development of a strategy and roadmap for PLM and Supply Chain initiatives that connects the desired future state with overall business objectives
    In order to meet the exceedingly high expectations of their customers, companies are seeking product innovations, time-to-market improvements, and cradle to grave efficiencies. However, companies often do not know which parts of their organization are most in need of improvement or how best to plan and mobilize efforts to implement change. Parker Avery's Diagnostic assists retailers in the softlines and consumer goods industries in identifying their opportunities for improvement and establishing a roadmap for achieving them. Our consultants provide thought leadership, industry experience and guidance, taking the time to understand a company's distinct culture, business processes, organization, product development strategies and talent. With the results of the Diagnostic in hand, clients will ultimately be able to refine their goals into an actionable plan that can deliver meaningful business process and systems capability improvements.

    Business Process Improvement.

    Identifying improvement opportunities and redesigning Product Development, Sourcing and Supply Chain processes to enable efficiencies, optimize system functionality and support business objectives
    Parker Avery brings leading practices, systems knowledge and industry insights to ensure a company's future business process design is world-class and aligned with business objectives. We perform a thorough assessment of the existing business processes and environment to identify and prioritize specific improvement areas, and then work with key stakeholders to design new processes that incorporate the identified improvements. Our business process improvement work also provides a foundation for software selection, solution design, testing, change management and training activities.

    Strategy & Software Selection.

    Enabling companies to identify, evaluate and select solutions to meet their business objectives
    Ensuring that a software selection outcome meets an organization's needs requires a partner with experience and knowledge of leading PLM and Supply Chain solutions and an unbiased view of the market. The Parker Avery Group's Strategy & Software Selection experience, gained through extensive engagements with leading retailers in the softlines and consumer goods industries, provides the foundation required to assist our clients in the selection of the most appropriate solution for their organization. Our in-depth functional knowledge of PLM and Supply Chain system providers and proven assessment and selection methodology enable us to help companies evaluate and choose a software solution that best meets their needs. Complementing these efforts, we also develop the supporting business case and define the implementation roadmap.Visit our Packaged Software Selection & Implementation services page to learn more.

    Solution Implementation.

    Program management and business analysis effectively deployed in partnership with resources from the client's organization and the software provider for a successful implementation
    The professionals at The Parker Avery Group bring extensive PLM and Supply Chain solution implementation experience and a practical, hands-on approach to help companies implement the many changes associated with a new system. We partner with the software vendor's services team but assume overall accountability for the success of the initiative. Our deep functional knowledge, proven methodologies and expertise enable us to help clients build and execute a deployment roadmap that addresses the organization's ability to transition to the new environment, including: business process design; application configuration management; testing support; end user training; and overall project management. Visit our Packaged Software Selection & Implementation services page to learn more.

    Change Management.

    Developing and executing a strategy to manage organizational change for PLM and Supply Chain implementation projects and other corporate initiatives that will achieve more complete buy-in, adoption and benefit realization
    The addition of Change Management to a PLM or Supply Chain initiative vastly improves its success over projects without Change Management, allows stakeholders to more rapidly adopt new processes and roles, as well as secures organizational alignment. We facilitate the definition of a Change Management strategy by working with a company's executives to understand their principles, culture, scope of change and anticipated business impact. The result is a formalized strategy and toolbox that is translated into a tactical plan to make the business transition more effective. Parker Avery also works hand-in-hand with our clients to successfully execute the Change Management plan. Our deep Change Management experience, combined with our proven tools and templates, help structure communications, training and role definition so they are effectively managed throughout the transition, and the company can more easily migrate to new ways of doing business. Visit our Change Management & Technology Implementation services page to learn more.


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