Multi-Channel Execution

Multichannel Execution

We help retailers design and execute strategies for managing their business across and within all channels. We specialize in helping multichannel retailers (Store / Brick & Mortar, eCommerce, Catalog and Mobile Commerce) develop and execute strategies across channels that help ensure the retailer has one face to the customer. This includes helping navigate the complexities of operating in a cross-channel environment internationally. Our expertise includes:

> Mobile Commerce Strategy > Cross-Channel Brand & Merchandising Strategy
> eCommerce Strategy > Customer Engagement Strategies
> Multichannel Inventory Planning > Solution Selection

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    Our Multichannel Execution Services include:

    Mobile Commerce Strategy.

    We can help you capture the growing channel being provided through mobile (e.g., smartphone, tablet) while leveraging your core operational competencies and brand strength as a traditional retailer. This includes helping you develop a roadmap to fully integrate mobile shopping into your business as well as assisting in the selection of technology and service providers to support your strategy.

    eCommerce Strategy.

    We can assist in defining an e-Commerce platform that supports and leverages your traditional retail business model. This includes helping you figure out the nuts and bolts of inventory management, merchandising and brand & product development.

    Multichannel Inventory Management.

    We specialize in helping you achieve one of the more challenging competencies in retail – accurately and efficiently planning inventory across channels to ensure efficient buying and in-season management. This includes developing your planning organization, business process and tactics for better planning.

    Cross-Channel Brand & Merchandising Strategy.

    We can help you develop brand and merchandising strategies that cross all channels. That means merchandising strategies that account for the unique needs of all channels (direct, brick & mortar, etc.), while ensuring a consistent and fresh presentation to the customer. This also includes teaching your organization to conduct in-depth analysis of the business and marketplace across channels to understand the nuances of the business.

    Customer Engagement.

    We provide services that can help you develop plans and tactics to engage with your customers regardless of where they shop. This can include developing shopper-marketing programs, brand awareness and re-branding initiatives as well as customer feedback programs that help you learn from those customers who already shop with you. Read more about our Customer Engagement services.

    Solution Selection.

    We can help you evaluate and select the right tools and software to support execution across channels. In addition, we help design (or redesign) the business processes that make for more effective inventory management, merchandising and cross-channel marketing. Visit our Packaged Software Selection & Implementation services page to learn more.


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