Marketing Alignment
 Marketing Alignment

We offer expertise in process, organization and tools to improve marketing operations and alignment with merchandising, planning and inventory management. Our expertise includes:

> Marketing Organization Design > Marketing Process Alignment
> Customer Experience Design > eCommerce Strategy
> Promotions Optimization > Mobile Commerce Strategy

We have worked with many of the world's leading retailers to improve the processes and alignment of marketing within the business. Contact us to learn more about our Marketing Alignment Services.


    As consumers change the way they research and engage with retailers, marketing is a strategic asset that needs to evolve and align with the balance of the organization.

    Our Marketing Alignment Services include:

    Marketing Organization Design.

    We help you analyze the roles, structure and responsibilities of your Marketing organization in support of your channel and customer engagement strategy. We benchmark your model and give you insights to improve the design and approach that works seamlessly with Merchandising, Channels, Store Operations and the balance of your organization.

    Customer Experience Design.

    Today's customer shops differently than 5 years ago. She researches her purchase differently, she engages across channels and she often completes the transaction remotely. We help you rethink the way you engage with the consumer and how you gain a competitive advantage by changing the customer experience. Visit our Customer Engagement Strategy and Design services page to learn more.

    Promotions Optimization.

    We help marketing analysts improve the definition and execution of promotions to meet business objectives. We bring deep experience in promotion definition, pricing, promotion execution and post-promotion analysis to help you develop the optimal process, approach and tools to improve margins and align with merchandising. Visit our Promotions & Markdown Optimization services page to learn more.

    Marketing Process Alignment.

    Your marketing, pricing, buying and inventory management processes need to be aligned to maximize your margins. We work with you to develop an integrated calendar, processes, roles and responsibilities that support a world-class operating model to serve your customer.

    eCommerce Strategy.

    We can assist in developing an eCommerce platform that supports and leverages your traditional retail business model. This includes helping you figure out the nuts and bolts of inventory management, merchandising and brand & product development. Visit our Multichannel Execution services page to learn more.

    Mobile Commerce Strategy.

    We can help you capture the growing channel being provided through mobile (e.g., smartphone, PDA, etc.) while leveraging your core operational competencies and brand strength as a traditional retailer. This includes assisting in realizing a roadmap to integrate mobile commerce into your business as well has assisting in the selection of technology and service providers to support your strategy. Visit our Multichannel Execution services page to learn more.


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