Demand Forecasting

 Demand Forecasting

The professionals at The Parker Avery Group help retail and wholesale companies improve their demand forecasting process and forecast accuracy. This includes,

> Demand Profiling > Promotion Forecasting
> Demand Forecasting > Statistical Analysis
> Advanced Exception Management  

We have experience analyzing forecasts, defining improved models and implementing software solutions. Typical results include improving forecast accuracy, reducing weekly forecast exceptions and increased margins due to better buying and distribution. Contact us to learn more about our approach and services.


    The professionals at The Parker Avery Group help retail companies identify opportunities and deploy advances in their demand forecasting approach and practices. Our objective is to drive forecast accuracy, minimize exceptions and optimize sales.

    Our Demand Forecasting Services include:

    Demand Profiling.

    Understanding trends and seasonality of products and locations over time is critical to producing good projections. Doing this right includes cleansing historical data, accounting for event lift and estimating lost sales. We specialize in helping enterprises improve their demand profiles and establish a solid base of demand for forecasting.

    Demand Forecasting.

    Not all forecasts are created equal. Different categories of product require different forecasting techniques and models. We have experience developing forecasting solutions for companies who are looking to improve their baseline forecasts, projections for intermittent demand, highly seasonal product forecasts or event lift estimates.

    Statistical Analysis.

    Analyzing performance to identify emerging trends to capitalize on new opportunities is an important part of leveraging forecasting solutions and processes. We help companies evaluate the behavior of products and categories to help identify opportunities to reduce inventory, improve margins or drive incremental revenue.

    Software Evaluation and Selection

    We help you prioritize the important functional needs of your business and evaluate competitive solutions in the marketplace to meet your needs. Based on years of experience designing, building and implementing forecasting solutions, we make the process more efficient and better informed. Visit our Packaged Software Selection services page to learn more.

    Software Implementation.

    We provide project management, business process consulting, analytical consulting and change management services to implement demand forecasting software solutions. Visit our Packaged Software Implementation services page to learn more.



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