RESEARCH STUDY: New Roles for Retail - Managing Store Labor in a Changing World

Retail Research

New legislation, customer experience demands, heightened competition and omnichannel initiaitves are all pressuring retailers to make significant changes in many areas of their business, including how store labor is managed.

With the physical store remaining a highly relevant channel – despite the increasing growth in digital channels – careful attention to how store personnel is recruited, hired, developed, measured and rewarded is absolutely critical to retail success. With customer demands and competitive forces requiring acute attention to every detail of the in-store and overall brand experience, retailers are beginning to address these elements by not only ensuring store roles support the in-store customer experience value proposition, but also by creating a culture that rewards staff performance and dedication to the brand's success. Changes in federal, state and local legislation as well as new business models are creating additional challenges in how store labor is handled.

In this research study, The Parker Avery Group examines how retailers are making modifications in how they manage all aspects of their store labor to address a dynamically changing retail world.

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