RESEARCH STUDY: Channel Integration in the Store

Retail Research

By nature, the human race is a highly social species. Despite the continued and increasing growth of e-commerce, the physical social aspect of shopping and dining out is far from fading away. In this era of everything digital and everyone connected, we still see people enjoying the physical shopping experience: touching fabrics, trying on new styles, discussing product attributes with real, live sales associates and meeting friends for the "latest and greatest" gourmet burger accompanied by a handcrafted beer.

Yes, e-commerce is expected to grow – some studies expect its volume to reach or surpass 30% of total retail sales by 2025. Shoppers are onboard with this growth and have quickly become very savvy about their retail shopping behavior through the use of their "smart" mobile devices. Consequently, most retailers are changing their fundamental business models to incorporate this new, integrated channel environment.

In this research study, The Parker Avery Group explores the many changes retailers are making or anticipating at the store level to successfully accommodate their customers' needs to be digitally connected, while at the same time, sustaining consumer social shopping desires.

Study Results

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