RESEARCH STUDY: The Big Deal About Big Data

Retail Research

It's not a new trend. It's not a new technology. It's most certainly not a competitive or environmental threat. But it's definitely BIG. Big Data, that is. Big Data's origins may be around the time of the invention of the first modern-day computers, when data that was formerly manually recorded turned into a series of 1's and 0's. Or one could argue that Big Data was first recognized in the 1940's when Fremont Rider (Wesleyan University Librarian) estimated that American university libraries were doubling every sixteen years. Whatever Big Data's humble origins may be, it's still BIG. And it's been growing exponentially ever since.

From a retailer's perspective, however, what exactly is Big Data? What opportunities will Big Data offer for retail? What impact will it have on your retail organization? How are other retailers approaching this increasing surge of information? And are they really prepared to do so? We invite you to explore the answers to these key questions in Parker Avery's latest research.

Study Results

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