RESEARCH STUDY: International Retailing - Going 'Glocal'

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As retail executives, we have spent the better part of the last 20 years learning how to source product and flow product from overseas. We've talked a lot about China and sourcing. We've analyzed India and Africa for markets. We've debated the economic conditions of Europe and what it means for our economy.

With all that behind us, one thing has become strikingly clear. Retail is more of a global business today than it has ever been before. The world's leading retailer and brand executives are aggressively pursuing global expansion and redefining process, operating structure and capabilities.

There are three main questions for any retail executive pursing international growth to consider,
- How do I learn about customers in new markets and best serve them?
- What channels and operating structure make sense in each market?
- How does how we work today need to change to be successful as an international business?

This study will provide you insight to answering those questions.

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