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Winter 2015

A Great Plan

As a young adult, one of my mentors used to tell me "Plan your work, then work your plan." In its simplicity, this phrase consists of two key elements of which retailers should be mindful as we move through 2015: careful planning and coordinated execution.

At NRF's Big Show in early January, several different themes emerged: reinvention, customer segmentation, alignment of technology with the organization and the "new employee." Despite the interest in new solutions that support these initiatives, however, Parker Avery also noted a strong desire - and need - for retailers to revisit their foundational technologies before making investments in newer capabilities. Things like enterprise inventory visibility, master data management and infrastructure represent just a few candidates for review. This theme also involves assessing existing business processes to ensure they are coordinated, optimized, and align with strategic objectives. This foundational mindset should be one of the first steps in your planning.

Secondly, plan for what I would consider the secondary foundational layer - things like vendor collaboration, price optimization, product lifecycle management (PLM) and merchandise financial planning. In this age of on-demand analytics and advanced business intelligence, these now represent essential capabilities that retailers should have in place or be planning for in the not-too-distant future.

After plans are made comes the really fun part: executing the plan and watching ideas become reality. Even the less "sexy" underlying foundational elements create opportunities that were previously unattainable. It's a bit like updating the electrical wiring in a beautiful historic home - not a particularly exciting task, but it enables new lighting fixtures and all the new "smart" appliances to be implemented without burning the house down. And similarly, executing the plan with the proper internal and partner resources, tools and roadmap in place is crucial.

There are abundant opportunities to take advantage of newer technologies that "wow" consumers, engage employees and drive retail business strategies, but these require a rock-solid foundation, mindful planning and carefully managed execution to ensure your company is positioned for success.

As always, I wish you good fortune in this New Year. If you'd like to discuss any of your 2015 plans, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Robert Kaufman
CEO, The Parker Avery Group

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