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Autumn / Winter 2013

Looking forward.

As we all enjoy the whirlwind 2013 holiday season that showcases many of the great initiatives retailers have been working on all year, we cannot help to begin looking forward to the promises of a new year. Retailers will soon look back at 2013 and ask the questions that hopefully will yield insights and pave the roadmaps for the coming year: What did we do right? Where did we miss opportunities? What retailers excelled this past year? How do we do it better next time? The Parker Avery Group is just as passionate about these questions, and we are also looking forward.

One of the exciting aspects of providing guidance and being "hands on deck" at a great cross section of retailers is the chance to see patterns emerge. If you really want to know what people think is important, all you need to do is look at where they are investing time and resources. Two key areas where our clients are positioning themselves for improvement in 2014 include Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Omnichannel.

PLM impacts the entire supply chain, extending its reach from product design, development and sourcing to merchandising and line planning. We work with many retailers who have implemented first generation PLM solutions and are striving for even greater competitive advantages by enhancing these capabilities with what is labeled "Extended PLM" or E-PLM functionality. These enhancements promise a significant business impact, enabling retailers to have more accurate and consistent information at their fingertips to make trend-aware decisions more quickly and confidently. Parker Avery is excited about working with our clients' PLM and E-PLM initiatives to enable improvements such as a common product information repository; increased speed to market; integration with ERP solutions to provide accurate available to promise information; and decreased product costs through raw material consolidation.

It's also great to see so many retail Omnichannel projects maintaining a solid focus on consistent customer experiences and improved store operations. It is clear that retailers understand that, while there are many technology enablers in play, the basics of retailing are still intact: customers matter most and the store is still a primary shopping channel. It is very rewarding for us to work closely with retailers to help them achieve their channel integration objectives by designing and implementing new business models, organizations and systems that focus on enhancing their customers' shopping experience. We are also getting ready to publish our latest research study: Channel Integration in the Store, which provides insights into how to best leverage physical stores in omnichannel environments.

During this busiest time of the year, we are looking forward to working with retailers to help make this great industry even better. We are also reminded to be thankful for all that we have. At Parker Avery we are truly grateful for the privilege to make a difference in our client's businesses, the opportunity to work on exciting, meaningful and challenging projects, and most importantly, for our partners, associates and their families.

Happy Holidays!

Robert Kaufman
CEO, The Parker Avery Group

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Earlier this fall, The Parker Avery Group was pleased to sponsor two key industry events: RIS News' Cross Channel Retail Executive Summit and Gerber Technologies' ideation 2013 conference.

Each event had a unique focus - the RIS theme was "4D Retail," meaning the integration of the store, online, mobile and social elements of today's retail world, while the focus of the Gerber event was on technologies that support Product Lifecycle Management (PLM).

At both events, Parker Avery facilitated work sessions where we offered insights into the different phases of maturity companies go through as they strive to maintain relevance and competitive advantages in today's complex and lightening-fast retail world. We are also looking forward to seeing many of you at NRF's Big Show in January. If you would like to set up some time at NRF to discuss some of your ideas and initiatives, please email us at

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