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Fall/Winter 2012

4 Big Ideas for 2013

With holiday product bought and commitments made, it's time to look forward to 2013. By the way, NRF is predicting a 4.1% increase in holiday sales. If that comes true, it will provide great momentum headed into next year. Here are a couple of 'big ideas' for your 2013 plans.

Big Idea 1: Be Global
As I stated a few months ago in our last newsletter, we believe successful retailers will invest in international capabilities and markets over the next 24-36 months. We recently completed a study on International Retailing and validated that 83% of retailers believe international growth is critical to their future success. Download the study to learn more about other retailer investments: Going 'Glocal'

Big Idea 2: Be Digital
According to a recent LifestyleMonitor study, 49% of consumers will use a mobile or smartphone to make a purchase this year. That is up from 28% in 2011. This means doubling down on your digital content management, omnichannel commerce and social media strategy in 2013. Contact us to discuss how we can help define your next generation of digital and omnichannel capabilities, benchmark you and optimize your customer's experience.

Big Idea 3: Be Collaborative
As Charles Darwin said, "In the long history of humankind, those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed." Looking forward, collaboration takes on a new challenge: omnichannel promotion management. 2013 is the time leading retailers will reengineer their promotion management capabilities changing how they collaborate with partners.

Big Idea 4: Be Efficient
Not all big ideas are about net new capabilities. It's time to focus on operational efficiency. This includes who does what, how many people should be doing each job, what jobs are global, how standard is the process, etc. If you haven't benchmarked and standardized your organizational model or core operating processes in the last few years, it's time.

I hope these ideas for 2013 are interesting for you and you have an outstanding holiday season! As always, if you have a question or want to connect, give a call.

Mike Matacunas
Founder and CEO, The Parker Avery Group

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