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July 2012

Learn about Global Retailing and Glocalization

To be a successful retail executive in 5 years, you should invest time in understanding retail globalization, lessons learned and opportunities. This doesn't just mean reading the latest blog on m-commerce overseas or following the economic challenges of Greece. It means understanding how to frame up the extension and building of a retail operation in new countries and markets to extend the value of your brand, offer something new and capitalize on operating efficiencies.

Having worked with retail executives on this topic over the last few years, I realize how challenging it is for retailers to get good information on the topic. If you Google "global retail," you'll find almost 200 million hits, but most of them are statistics or marketing material. To save you from hunting and pecking, here are a few links that you might find interesting:

1. A recent article from the Harvard Business Review called: "Retail Doesn't Cross Borders: Here's Why and What to Do About It." You might need to register (free) to read it.

2. A supply chain perspective from RSR Research called: "Retail Supply Chain 2012: Globalization, Localization, and Cross-Channel."

3. An academic view of the topic from Jon Hanf and Zsombor Pall called: "Is Retailing Really Unique? Insights into Retail Internationalization Using Business Theories." Although it was published in 2009, it is an interesting perspective.

4. A Parker Avery Point of View called: "International Expansion: Framework for an International Retail Expansion Assessment."

Separately, I am excited to announce that we will once again be sponsoring the Cross-Channel Retail Executive Summit in Texas on October 3-5th. This will be the first time the event runs concurrent with the Social Mobile Convergence event and offers a great combined agenda. As part of the event, we will be conducting a working session on Merchandising, Marketing and Pricing that I hope you'll attend. Registration for the event is here. I hope to see you there!

As always, give me a call or send a note with thoughts or questions.

Mike Matacunas
Founder and CEO, The Parker Avery Group

New Case Studies

Systems Implementation Roadmap
Conducting a detailed gap analysis of current systems to identify short- and long-term opportunities for improvement.

Markdown Strategy
Improving margin by establishing better markdown management through rule-based framework, training and reporting.

Supply Chain Systems Assessment
Defining future supply chain systems and application architecture needed to support current and emerging business strategies.

Store Inventory Management Assessment
Identifying areas of maximum opportunity related to handling and merchandising of product in physical stores.


Great Reads

• Steal Like an Artist: 10 Things Nobody Told You About Being Creative by Austin Kleon (Advice)
• The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch (Non-Fiction)

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