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December 2011

NRF, Executive Dinner, Retail Rock and Roll Event!

With only a few weeks left in Holiday 2011, I hope your business is strong and you're spending time with family and friends. We've had an outstanding year of challenging projects and exciting clients. On behalf of the firm, I'd like to thank you for your partnership and support of our team. Happy Holidays!

NRF 2012 and Executive Dinner
From January 15-17th next year, we'll be attending the National Retail Federation conference in NYC. If you're attending, send me a note to connect and spend a few minutes together. If you haven't registered yet, here is the link to the NRF Big Show conference: NRF 2012 Registration.

Based on the great time we had last year, we will host another dinner for retail and apparel executives on Monday night, the 16th. Please let us know if you're attending NRF or if you're in NYC that night. We have a limited number of seats at the dinner, but we'd love to have you join us.

Rock and Roll Retail
And for those who would like to see me at my most humbled, we're sponsoring the RIS News' Rock and Roll Retail event Monday night, January 16th at Lucille's, B.B.King Times Square. I'll be playing lead guitar in one of the Retailer bands with musicians from Sephora, Winn-Dixie, Cabela's and Ralph Lauren. This is a great event put together by Dave Weinand and the RISNews team. Here's a link to registration to let them know you're coming: Rock and Roll Retail.

Best of luck for the balance of the holiday season! As always, give us a call if you're looking for some consulting help.

Mike Matacunas
Founder and CEO, The Parker Avery Group

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