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August 2010

Online Retail Learning Launch!

We have received outstanding support from our network of retail executives for the recent launch of our Online Learning environment. Many of you provided input and invested time to help us create a retail-specific training environment that we believe is critically needed in the market. Thank you!

Stay tuned for more content and courses as we continue to invest in this business. Click here to get a first look:

I'd also like to invite you to join us at the annual Cross- Channel Retail Executive Summit in Scottsdale, AZ September 15-17. We're excited to be a repeat sponsor of this event by RISNews and hope your schedule allows you to attend.   We'll be facilitating a session on Cross- Channel Price and Markdown Optimization. It should be interesting to hear how different retailers are solving this challenge.

If you need more information on the event, please contact Samantha Sorrells at our offices at 770-882-2205. She'll help get you connected.

As always, if you have a challenge, are interested in a second opinion on an issue or are looking for a consulting firm, don't hesitate to call.

Mike Matacunas
Founder and CEO, The Parker Avery Group

New Point of View

Retail Portfolio Management
Portfolio Management is an important tool for retailers when making strategic decisions about product development and the allocation of company resources such as merchandising, assortment planning, advertising, and store labor...


Firm News

We are pleased to welcome Courtney Albert and Mark Stephenson to The Parker Avery Group

Industry News

• Cabela's Inc. Reports Strong Profitability Increases
• WalMart 2Q profit rises 3.6% on cost-cutting
• Lands' End Contest Lets Kids be the Designer
• Martha Stewart Pets Arrives at PetSmart
• Home Depot Earnings Climb 6.8%

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