Our vision is to be a leading provider of strategy, business and technology services to businesses that want to improve profitability and return on assets. We believe having a point of view and vision for the industry makes this possible. We document our Points of View, Case Studies, Webcasts and Research to spark a discussion and trigger innovation in our customers and market. Send us your comments or your own Point of View that you would like to share.

Points of View

Getting to Global
Managing Inventory in a Unified Commerce World

Building a Plan for Omnichannel
Steps to Delivering Meaningful Capabilities

Advancing Retail Through Sustainable Learning
Knowledge, Engagement, & Reinforcement

Resurrecting Retail—Part 2:
Becoming a Customer-Centric Organization

Resurrecting Retail—Part 1:
Reinventing the Customer Experience

Plan to Succeed:
Commencing a Large-Scale Retail System Implementation

Future-Proofing Retail:
Building a Solid Foundation for Tomorrow

A Win for Both Sides:
Benefits of BOPIS for Consumers and Retailers

The New Pace of Change
Accelerating the Journey for Tomorrow's Retail

Ensuring Transformational Success
Bringing the "A Team"

Promotional Pricing
On the Right Side of the Law

Promotional Forecasting
Reasserting Control Over Retail
Promotional Destinies

Enhancing mCommerce Capabilities
and Customer Experience
Key Considerations

Retail Legacy Systems
Assessment Considerations and Approaches to Modernization

Change in the E-Suite
Enhancing the Value of Retail Solution Implementations

Brand Connectivity
Multi-dimensional Branding Comes of Age

Omnichannel Inventory Accuracy
Implications and Customer Impact

Software Selection
Creating a Strategic Approach

The New Customer Experience
Positioning Associates as Store Ambassadors

Retail Clustering Methods
Achieving Success with Assortment Planning

Writing Business Requirements
Strategy & Software Selection Essentials

Out-of-the-Box PLM
Solution Implementation Realities and Considerations

The Experience Manager
Laying the Foundation for Exceptional Customer Service

Inventory Accuracy
Fundamental Strategies for Getting It Right

The State of Retail ERP
Drivers, Priorities and Implementation Considerations

Store Labor and Role Transformation
A New Era for Retail Store Associates

Ethical Fashion
Designing the Future with Supply Chain Transparency

PLM Mobility
Enabling Efficiency in an On-Demand World

Omnichannel Fulfillment
Product Scarcity and Prioritization Criteria

The Role of the Store
The Power of Brick and Mortar Retailing in the Omnichannel Experience

Data Visibility and Analytics
Laying the Foundation for Optimizing Information

Omnichannel Inventory Optimization
Where Are My Products?

Retail Solution Implementations
Fact vs. Fiction

Social Clienteling
The Art of Customer Engagement

The Science of eCommerce
And the Art of Omnichannel

Project Management
The Keys to Project Success

Defining Change
The Essential Value of Organizational Change Management

The Customer Experience
Dispelling the Myths in Today's Retail Environment

Customer Satisfaction vs. Store Sales
Creating Efficient and Effective Inventory Assortment

The Layaway Challenge
Optimizing Layaway Programs to Benefit the Retailer's Bottom Line

Omnichannel Pricing Approaches
Implementing the Right Channel Strategy

Total Cost to Serve
Considering Purchasing Factors Impacting Sourcing Costs

Business Excellence Teams
Fostering Merchandising Innovation

International Expansion
Creating a Framework for an International Retail Expansion Assessment

Change Management Communication
Laying the Groundwork for a Successful Communication Strategy

New Rules for Retail
Revealing Retail's Biggest Challenges and Hottest Growth Opportunities for 2012 as Consumer Preferences and Technology Changes Accelerate

Fashion vs. Basic Assortment Planning
Developing the Appropriate Product Mix and Inventory Level to Maximize Sales and Profit

Linking Product Development to the Customer
Crowdsourcing, Collaborative Design and Other Innovative Tactics

Mobile Retail
The Seven Tenets of Mobile Retail

Group Buying
A Five Step Roadmap to Getting Started with Groupon and other group buying companies

Store Operations
Conducting a Comprehensive Operational Assessment

Retail Portfolio Management
Opportunity Prioritization and Approach

Merchandising Strategy
Not a One Person Job

Assortment Planning: Sales Versus Space
Retail Channel Assortment Planning Overview

Inventory Planning Methods
The Proper Approach to Inventory Planning

Setting Up Payment Terms for Global Trade
Creative Financing and Invoicing Strategies to Improve Controls and Visibility

Bringing Planning, Allocation & Replenishment Together
From Unit Movement to Contribution Intelligence

Assortment Planning, Line Reviews and Risk
Striking the Right Balance of Risk and Opportunity


  • Unraveling the Mysteries of Assortment Planning
  • Over the past century, retail assortments have required a decided shift in how they are viewed and managed. Once the dawn of advanced computers and the prominence of the internet opened up the possibilities of much more closely aligning products to consumer wants and needs, retailers seemingly had abundant opportunities to leapfrog the competition. We examine specific Assortment Planning practices and objectives, including the elements most important to retailers, the challenges that exist and plans or considerations for the near future. We also highlight key insights based on our experience in helping retail clients achieve success with Assortment Planning.

  • New Roles for Retail - Managing Store Labor in a Changing World
  • With the physical store remaining a highly relevant channel – despite the increasing growth in digital channels – careful attention to how store personnel is recruited, hired, developed, measured and rewarded is absolutely critical to retail success. We examine how retailers are making modifications in how they manage all aspects of their store labor to address a dynamically changing retail world.

  • Channel Integration in the Store
  • We assess the impact of channel integration (omnichannel strategies) on retail store operations. This research uniquely focuses on how the integration of multiple channels is fundamentally changing store roles and responsibilities, staff scheduling, training, processes, policies, layout and even future store designs and plans.

  • The Big Deal About Big Data
  • With increasing and overwhelming amounts of data from multiple channels and sources, combined with the urgency to create competitive strategies using this data, the results of this research should help you think about how to use Big Data to connect with your customers, drive margins and top line sales, as well as develop an understanding of the impact Big Data may have on your organization.

  • International Retailing Study - Going 'Glocal'
  • Learn where retailers are in their global expansion strategy and how merchandising, supply chain and operations fit into the overall strategy. What are the external and organizational challenges faced by retailers? How can retailers leverage their existing capabilities and processes? What are the short- and long-term opportunities in the marketplace?

  • Synchronizing Marketing and IT in the Era of Omni-Channel Retailing
  • Marketing departments are taking on bigger roles, using direct connections with empowered shoppers to build customer engagement. But retailers need to improve marketing/IT synchronization to maximize marketing's capabilities in the omni-channel retail enterprise.

  • Retail Merchandising and Marketing Alignment Study
  • Learn how retailers are approaching localization, social media and mobile commerce, as Merchandising and Marketing organizational structures and processes rapidly evolve.

  • Cross-Channel Tech Trends Study
  • Learn where retailers are investing cross-channel dollars today and in 2011.

  • Getting Back to Good: Pricing
  • Learn how the best retailers are continuing their emphasis on pricing capabilities as a key to their top-line recovery in 2010.


  • > The Price is Right: Strategies for Omnichannel Pricing
  • Today's omnichannel shoppers want convenience and transparency to products, pricing and availability – online, in store and mobile. To keep in step with the "now' consumers, retail leaders need to consider the trade-offs between profits and customer value. The Parker Avery Group will outline the pros and cons of single price and differentiated pricing strategies for multi-channel and omnichannel retailers. This lively discussion will help retailers to understand when they should choose price discrimination and when they should not.

  • > Out of the Box Implementation - Proceed with Caution
  • Key decisions that must be considered to ensure the successful implementation of an "out-of-the-box" supply chain management software solution

  • > Change Management
  • Understanding the Essential Value of Organizational Change Management

  • > Linking Product Development to the Customer
  • Innovative tactics to link the customer to the product development process.

  • > Mobile Retail
  • Seven tenets retailers can adopt to deliver a unique and valuable mobile channel.

  • > Group Buying
  • Recommendations for getting started with Groupon and other group buying companies.

  • > Replenishment Process Tune-Up
  • Retail Allocation and Replenishment Optimization challenges, recommendations and strategies.

  • > Approaches to SKU Rationalization
  • Best practices regarding the SKU rationalization process and SKU proliferation challenges retailers face today.

  • > Merchandising Innovation: Measuring & Managing Big Ideas
  • Recommendations for the development and implementation of merchandising ideas that ensure fresh assortments and drive comp sales.

  • > Planning, Allocation and Replenishment Innovation
  • Innovative practices for inventory management including merchandise financial & assortment planning, allocation and replenishment.

Case Studies

  • Specialty Retailer Merchandise Financial Planning System Implementation Specialty Retailer MFP System Implementation

    Leveraging deep industry knowledge to implement an MFP solution and deliver leading-practice future state capabilities, while enabling holistic views of inventory, gross margin, and sales

  • Merchandise Planning Capabilities Design and Roadmap Merchandise Planning Capabilities Design and Roadmap

    Deep dive evaluation of existing processes, systems, and organization, as well as comprehensive design of new end-to-end planning capabilities and assessment of solutions to support the client’s vision

  • Assortment and Item Planning Implementation Assortment and Item Planning Implementation

    Design of new, integrated planning processes and configuration of an assortment and item planning system to deliver the desired future state capabilities

  • Global Organizational Change Management (OCM) Global Organizational Change Management (OCM)

    Development and execution of an all-encompassing change management program to support adoption of a new global ERP and finance solution into normal business operations

  • Merchandising Business Process Transformation Merchandising Business Process Transformation

    Assessment of merchandising business process and organizational root causes, as well as development and implementation of an actionable roadmap to support a client’s strategic omnichannel model.

  • Core Merchandising and Finance Implementation Core Merchandising and Finance System Implementation

    Pilot implementation of a major retail enterprise software system to adopt industry leading practices, improve inventory positioning, enhance data management, and provide key competitive advantages.
  • Pricing & Promotions Capabilities Roadmap Pricing and Promotions Capabilities Roadmap Implementation
    Detailed design and implementation of a pricing and promotions roadmap to optimize pricing, improve margins, and achieve significant financial benefits.

  • MFP Implementation Omnichannel MFP System Implementation

    Comprehensive Merchandise Financial Planning solution implementation to optimize retail sales planning and inventory cost planning and enable a holistic, global view of the company.
  • PLM Selection PLM Solution Assessment and Selection

    Holistic evaluation of Product Lifecycle Management solutions and deployment planning to support a highly unique product development environment and culture.

  • Pricing and Promo Pricing and Promotions Capabilities Roadmap Development
    Current state assessment and benchmarking against industry leading practices to identify and prioritize pricing and promotions opportunities relative to people, process, and technology.

  • MFP Merchandise Financial Planning (MFP) System Selection
    Designing the future process and evaluating a merchandising solution to enable strategic planning and enhance visibility into inventory across multiple channels.

  • International International Retail Transformation and Expansion

    Program management and industry expertise to support an international retail planning, forecasting and replenishment transformation and expansion, encompassing multiple merchandising systems, processes and teams.
  • PLM PLM Solution Selection and Implementation

    Selection, implementation and change management of a product lifecycle management solution to enhance visibility into product development activities and proactively mitigate production issues.

  • Legacy System Legacy System Replacement Assessment

    Comprehensive assessment of a strategic ERP replacement initiative to ensure alignment with operational objectives and strategies.

  • QA and Risk Quality Assurance and Risk Audit

    Deep dive assessment of a strategic core merchandising system implementation to ensure a successful project outcome.

  • Price Optimization Solution Selection Price Optimization Solution Implementation

    Comprehensive support for the implementation of a new price optimization solution to support strategic zone pricing capabilities.

  • PLM Implementation PLM System Implementation

    Multi-phased Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution implementation spanning multiple brands and focused on Change Management and Business Solution Delivery workstreams.

  • Store Assessment Store Operations Efficiency Assessment

    In-depth assessment of store processes, focusing on merchandising and inventory management, to drive labor efficiencies and improve competitive positioning.

  • Store Operations Improvements Store Operations Improvements and Organizational Alignment
    Assessment of existing store operations, warehousing and merchandising activities and creation of new standard operating procedures, as well as aligning the organization to support continued growth.

  • Merch Training Merchandising Training Program

    Designing and delivering a comprehensive merchandising training program to enhance merchandising team capabilities and support strategic initiatives.

  • Order Mgmt Order Management System Design

    Refining an OMS design and implementation strategy to enable simplification and efficiencies while supporting strategic business objectives.

  • Comp SalesComparable Store Sales Improvement Initiative

    Assessment and identification of store level improvement opportunities to drive growth and consistency in comparable store sales performance.

  • Promo AssessmentPromotional Capabilities Assessment

    Assessing a client's existing promotional capabilities and organization, and developing a prioritized roadmap to improve promotional planning and execution.

  • PLM EvaluationPLM System Vendor Evaluation

    Identifying a Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) system that enables the conception, design, development, sourcing, production and delivery of private label product.

  • Training DesignTraining Design, Development & Delivery

    Development and delivery of comprehensive, detailed training plans, curriculum and materials to support the client's newly designed merchandising organization and processes.

  • Price OptimizationPrice Optimization System Selection

    Defining future regular and markdown pricing processes and guiding the selection of price optimization software in a multi-channel environment, with the objectives of improving margin, increasing efficiencies and improving customer satisfaction.
  • Stakeholder AnalysisChange Management Stakeholder Analysis

    Assessing an organization's readiness for change and uncovering anticipated organizational challenges to ensure the delivery of desired business benefits of an Order Management system implementation.
  • Store OpsStore Operations Process Assessment

    Assessment of in-store labor activities focused on inventory management, merchandising and customer service to simplify and streamline processes while optimizing the labor budget.

  • TrainingTraining

    Development of comprehensive, detailed training plans, curriculum and materials to support implementation of new merchandise financial planning processes and system.

  • Assortment PlanningAssortment

    Defining the assortment planning process best suited to future organizational structure.

  • Organizational Model FitOrganizational Model Transformation

    Redefining merchandising processes, roles, responsibilities & reporting structures to support domestic and international channels and banners.

  • Implementation Roadmap Systems Implementation Roadmap

    Conducting a detailed gap analysis of current systems to identify short- and long-term opportunities for improvement.

  • Supply Chain Systems Supply Chain Systems Assessment

    Defining future supply chain systems and application architecture needed to support current and emerging business strategies.

  • Merchandise Planning Implementation Merchandise

    Deployment of a Merchandise Financial Planning (MFP) solution utilizing an agile methodology, including software configuration, integration and testing.

  • Sourcing Strategy Sourcing

    Sourcing strategy to improve quality, design and execution of new products to market, including the roll-out of integrated customer insight tool.

  • Retailer Technology StrategyStrategy, Process Design, Roadmap and Technology Selection
    Evaluation and selection of technology solutions to enable the retailer to enhance antiquated processes and systems to support a complex business model.

  • Integrated Merchandise PlanningIntegrated Merchandise

    A roadmap and plan for the build out of an integrated planning organization, improved business process and integrated planning solutions.

  • Merchandising TransformationMerchandising Transformation

    Wholesale reorganization and re-training of a retail merchandising and planning organization based on cutting edge merchandising practices.

  • Optimizing the Private Label ProcessOptimizing the Private Label Process

    Development of a retail private label management organization from the ground up including brand management, product development and strategy.

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