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Online Retail Learning

Presented by The Parker Avery Institute

The Parker Avery Institute is the education and training unit of The Parker Avery Group. We offer
a retail specific e-Learning environment for entry-level to seasoned retail professionals. Our objective is to help individuals improve their personal knowledge and skills to make them more successful.

The more successful you are in your role, the stronger the results of the business!

Learning Objectives:

• Learn the Basics of Retailing
• Improve Your Individual Performance
• Learn Your New Role Faster
• Increase Consistency Across Your Business
• Build Upon Industry Leading Practices
• Increase Your Employees' Morale and Retention Rates
• Understand Retail Organizations and Processes

Online Learning StudentsIntended Audience

The intended audience includes entry-level professionals to seasoned retail executives. Whether you're new
to the industry or looking to expand your current skills, these courses are for you.

Candidates for Training

Learning Objectives

Entry Level

• New Retail Professionals
• New Consultants
• Students of the Industry

• Learn Your Role & Expectations
• Practice in Small Steps
• Reinforce Basic Concepts

Intermediate Level

• Experienced Retail Practitioners
• Management Consultants
• Research Analysts
• Teachers

• Build Upon Experiences
• Perform Real Life Scenarios
• Visual and Audio Learning


Advanced Level

• Senior Executives
• Experienced Professionals
• Executive Consultants
• Retail Subject Matter Experts

• Interactive Learning Activities
• Expand Your Knowledge Base
• Stay Up-to-Date
• Control Your Learning Process

If you're interested in learning more about our Online Retail Learning Environment, feel free to submit the form below or contact us at
770.882.2205 or Students and Educators, please contact us for discounted rates.


Course Demonstration

Online Retail Course Demo

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